If on Moya, I'd be very leery of Chiana's shopping expeditions. Going back to PIYW, Chiana has shown rather strange taste for bizarre and dangerous items. In this case, D'Argo and Chiana bring back a Vorc (a distant cousin to Mork), a parasite hunting creature. Part bloodhound, part ET, the Vorc immediately runs away and the crew spend much of the episode trying to find it.

Right away, there's trouble. John sees a creature hiding the the walls. At first, Aeryn and Pilot doubt whether John actually saw anything at all. John has been acting strange, lately. Aeryn has noticed that John mumbles to himself and seems distracted by something. John, very out of character, refuses to talk about it. John is actually seeing visions of Scorpius. John knows the visions are all in his head, but seems suspicious of what they mean and where they are coming from.

John may be hallucinating visions of Scorpy, but the creature he saw was quite real. It attacks Chiana and D'Argo. D'Argo is severely injured and poisoned by the creature. D'Argo is dying from the toxins and his only hope is for the crew to locate the creature and capture it alive.


After the intensity of the last three episodes, Farscape throws in this light, not very memorable, but generally entertaining little episode. The primary story follows the crew hunting the little creature D'Argo and Chiana brought on board. Then, realizing things aren't as they seem, it's the crew that becomes the prey.

However, the real story is about John and his visions of Scorpius. Many have speculated, since MTB, that the Aurora chair changed John. His strange behavior in MTB, VM, and TTS suggested John was affected by Scorpius. Then, his behavior seemed to return to normal with later episodes. In LATP series, however, it becomes clear that John is suffering from more than a post traumatic stress situation. Scorpius implanted something in John's mind. Whatever it is, it enhances John's own survival instincts and keeps John from killing Scorpius. Now John is seeing visions of Scorpy and seems preoccupied with them.

Beware of Dog is not a great episode. But, it is entertaining and that is what Farscape is all about.


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Originally aired in the US August 11, 2000

Written by Naren Shankar

Directed By Tony Tilse

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