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Summary: Shortly after getting married and turned into a statue, John receives some visitors. First, D'Argo and Chiana (now inseparable) say good-bye to their bronzed human friend. Then, John is visited by that petulant little rat, Prince Clavor and his lizard sidekick, the Scarran emissary. The Scarran whacks off John's head. The prince throws John's head into a vat of caustic liquid and leaves, smug with the knowledge that his sister's fiancé will soon be dead. Fortunately for John, Scorpius is able to track the human's head and retrieves it before the liquids dissolve the precious artifact. Just when Scorpy thinks he finally has John, he is attacked, immobilized, and his prize stolen from him. Turns out the thief is none other than Jena, the Peacekeeper agent. She reattaches John's head to his body, reanimates him, the two slip out of the royal city and into something a little more comfortable, if you know what I mean. :)

Thinking John's head is still missing, the Empress places all aliens on notice - they all will be executed unless John is made whole. A race is on, by aliens with different agendas, to locate John. Unbeknownst to them, John is hiding in the woods, busy having a little fun with Jena. John just has an effect on Sebacian women, doesn't he?

Unlike John's rather enjoyable time, Aeryn isn't having the time of her life with Dregon. While the wedding was taking place, Aeryn and her friend go mountain climbing. Unfortunately, Dregon isn't the experienced climber he claimed, and both Aeryn and he are injured. Stuck with the injured jerk, and having no way to contact the outside world, Aeryn is forced to drag her climbing buddy across the badlands to find help. They are unaware of the events involving John, his head, and everything.

On Moya, Zhaan is not taking the death of the Leviathan and Pilot lying down. Converting John's module into a large god vacuum, Zhaan sucks The Builder into Farscape One. She gave him a chance to bring Moya back, he refused, so he had to go. Unfortunately, Zhaan's violent actions did little to bring back Moya and Pilot.


Did you see the Disney movie Dinosaur? Remember the first few minutes, with the egg passing haphazardly from one creature to the next? That is what the first minutes of this episode reminds me of. Replace the egg with John's head and you get the idea. It all works quite well and John does maintain a sense of humor throughout the ordeal.

John and Aeryn have vastly different experiences with their "dates." John is rescued by Jena and it doesn't take long for the two to participate in a little interspecies fun. Aeryn, on the other hand, is stuck with Dregon. The rich and annoying jerk has been perusing Aeryn since she landed on his planet. Interesting that he, when injured and helpless, provides Aeryn insight into her own feelings for John. Of all the characters Aeryn has met, only Dregon actually convinces Aeryn she must tell John how she feels about him. The way Prances 3 ends, it is clear Dregon's arguments had a lasting effect on Aeryn. Whether John and Aeryn actually get together in the future is anyone's guess.

Must admit, the scene with John seeing his little girl was quite touching. Too bad he will not live long enough to see her for real.

There are aspects of this episode I find disappointing. Most of all, the final confrontation between John, D'Argo, and Scorpy against the Scarran. The way the Scarran had Chiana tied up, hanging over the vat of caustic liquid, seemed silly. The Scarran tying Chiana to a railroad track while twirling his mustache would have been just as original. Oh well, the show can't be perfect. The Maltese Crichton is a good episode that suffers only when compared to the first two installments of the trilogy. On its own, a very enjoyable episode and a worthy end to Farscape's first mid-season story arc.

The princess trilogy finally come to an end, tying up loose ends and leaving a few unanswered questions along the way. Why didn't John kill Scorpius when he had the chance? What, if anything, will result from John and Aeryn learning of their genetic compatibility for children? Are the Scarrans going to seek revenge against John for disrupting their plans? Events from the Look At The Princess trilogy will clearly have long-lasting effects on the Farscape story.

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Originally aired in the US August 4, 2000

Written by David Kemper

Directed By Andrew Prowse and Tony Tilse

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