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Saved from death at the last minute by Jena, a secret Peacekeeper operative, John wastes little time going after Prince Clavor. However, possessing no physical proof of the attack, John is branded "unstable" by the Empress. Princess Katrella is embarrassed by John's behavior and doesn't believe her own brother would kill anyone. Katrella's feelings of sibling trust are replaced by horror as both John and she narrowly survive another assassination attempt.

Conspiring with the Empress to keep John alive, Rygel hatches a plan to hide the human on a barge orbiting the Royal planet. The idea is to make everyone think John has fled, forcing the treacherous villains to show themselves with desperate actions. However, the plan goes awry when the Empress' most trusted servant, Ro-na, betrays John. Working for Scorpius, Ro- na reveals John's location and he is captured by the Peacekeeper officer, Bracka*. Smug with the knowledge that John is in custody, Scorpius makes plans for a reunion with the human.

However, Bracka is clearly under orders not to harm John. Crichton uses this fact to his advantage. Unable to control the desperate human, Bracka can only watch as John goes nuts and activates the weapons system on the barge. The barge is immediately attacked by the Royal Planetary automated defense system. Left on the disintegrating barge alone, with no space suit or means to reach his transport, John makes a last ditch effort to survive. He jumps out of the barge, into space without a space suit, seconds before it explodes.

Surviving three assassination attempts in one day, John and Princes Katrella are finally wed. Scorpius, the Scarran emissary, D'Argo, Chiana, a beaming Rygel, and honored guests are treated to a simple wedding. Conspicuous in her absence from the festive event, is Aeryn. The episode ends just as Katrella and John are turned into statues - according to royal tradition.

Desperate as John's situation may be, it pales in comparison to what Zhaan and Pilot are experiencing with Moya. The "builders" have revealed themselves to Moya and those aboard her. The "builders" are upset that Moya, created to be a peaceful being, has produced a gunship offspring. In their infinite wisdom, the "builders" have decided that Moya is to be decommissioned and will die. Zhaan pleads for Moya's life, but to no avail. Moya is allowed to communicate directly to Zhaan and expresses a feeling of fulfillment and acceptance of her fate. Bonded to the Leviathan, Pilot's fate is also sealed and he, too, seems to accept his impending death.


Well, the party atmosphere of part 1 is gone. Part 2 is a more tense experience for all. Crichton narrowly survives three assassination attempts on his life, Aeryn realizes she has lost John, and the Royal family is rocked by betrayal.

Things seem to be going Scorpius' way when he fouls Rygel and the Empress' plans for protecting John. John, trapped on a ship with the Peacekeeper officer and the treacherous Ro-na, sees no way out of his desperate situation. When he is left on the exploding ship alone, it seems John must accept his fate. Just when death seems imminent, John is pushed into action by none other than Scorpius. John hears Scorpy's voice in his head. Scorpy tells John that he must focus and he's come too far to die now. John's escape from the exploding ship is an impressive piece of technical photography and is one of the highlights of season two.

On Moya, the "Builders" reveal themselves and their plan for the Leviathan. Moya is to be be decommissioned for birthing a gunship. Frankly, the godlike entity Zhaan meets seems more like a reject from that cheesy Greek mythology movie, Clash of the Titans. Fortunately, we see very little of him in this episode. Of more interest, is Moya herself. Allowed to communicate to Zhaan, Moya explains she accepts her fate. We know Moya will not die, so it would be interesting if the bond between Zhaan and the Leviathan is maintained, allowing future communication.

Overall, an entertaining episode. Not light as LATP part 1, this episode is very serious and is filled with solid acting by all. Would like to add that I find the music in the first two parts of this trilogy to be quite beautiful.

*The Sci-Fi channel Journey Logs identify the Peacekeeper officer as Lt. Heskon. However, Scorpius calls him "Bracka", or something like that. Unless I am mistaken, Lt. Heskon was a character from Nerve and THM.



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Originally aired in the US July 28, 2000

Written by: David Kemper

Directed By: Andrew Prowse & Tony Tilse

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