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US OAD : July 14, 2000

Written by: Gabrielle Stanton & harry Werksman, Jr.

Directed By: Cathrine Miller

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Summary: A ball of light enters Moya and searches the crew for unknown reasons. Coming across Crichton, it glows brighter and grows larger - it seems ready to do something. Naturally, Aeryn assumes it is attacking and fires upon the glowing intruder. Aeryn's weapon doesn't save John from being consumed by the light, but it does solidify the sphere in the maintenance bay with Crichton inside.

Shortly after the incident, the green ball emits strange energy waves and expels Chrichton, who is apparently no worse for wear. Almost immediately it expels another creature, which quickly disappears into the bowels of Moya. Strangely, blood identified as Crichton's is found on the floor, but Crichton isn't injured. Chiana, searching for some clothes in Crichton's quarters, comes across the hairy creature. It becomes apparent the creature is really a primitive version of Crichton.

Almost immediately, the sphere emits more energy waves and expels another Crichton. This particular version of John isn't primitive, but actually a more advanced copy of the human. The crew of Moya are now facing the crisis of an unknown and potentially dangerous sphere inside the ship and the unwanted presence of three Crichtons.

Analysis: After I watch My Three Crichtons a few more times I will post a more detailed analysis. Here is my initial impression:

About 15 minutes into this episode I could see this wasn't going to be one of Farscape's better efforts. The episode seemed disjointed with lots of babble, explosions, and whatnot.

As the MTC progressed, however, a rather interesting story emerged from what seemed like a wasted effort. The conflict between the three Crichtons was somewhat predictable, but still fun. Interesting how Crichton was so protective of his primitive module in the opening minute of the episode and the parallels to his reaction toward the "cave man" version of himself later in the episode.

Should add that MTC is a major Ben Browder episode. Not only does he play three characters and is in nearly every scene, but he gets to experience what Anthony, Gigi, and Virginia put up with nearly every day - hours in the make-up chair.

Not the best of season two --but not the worst--MTC is a generally entertaining episode that offers a glimpse into the character of John Crichton and how he views himself and humanity.


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