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US OAD : July 7, 2000

Written by: Michael Cassutt

Directed by: Ian Watson

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Coming across a damaged warship, Moya is targeted by that vessel and is in danger of being destroyed. Using the defense screen salvaged from the Zelbinion, Moya is protected from the blast. But the screen is operating only at 62% power and some of the energy from the weapon is allowed into the ship and those aboard her are affected by it.

The energy causes Moya's crew to switch bodies with their crew mates. For much of the episode John is in Aeryn, Aeryn is in Rygel, Rygel is in John, Pilot is in Chiana, Chiana is in D'Argo, and D'Argo in in Pilot. Zhaan, who is on board the enemy ship, is unaware of the bizarre events involving Moya's crew.


I'm not going to waste any time analyzing the plot - there isn't much of one here, which isn't the point. Out Of Their Minds is an episode about having fun - for the crew that filmed it and the audience that watches it. Unlike the dark and mean-spirited Crackers Don't Matter, OOTM is a silly and lighthearted farce that is one LOL scene after another. Here are a some of my favorites:

Normally not much of a body functions joke lover, this episode does have one scene that is hilarious. Watching John, in Aeryn's body, teach Rygel, who is in John's body, how to urinate for the first time is classic. However, I found the "zipper up" moment to be quite unsettling and suspect it made guys everywhere uncomfortable.

Crichton is no angel, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he, in Aeryn's body, finally succumbs to curiosity and checks out "the goods." The look on Chiana's, in D'Argo's body, face when she catches John wiggling and dancing about made me laugh. Anthony plays D'Argo, as the feminine Chiana, to perfection thought this episode.

There has been some discussion on the message board about Farscape characters engaging in some kind of homoerotic experiences. I remember posting a reply stating a A&C relationship was extremely unlikely, but Farscape would never have D&J scene. Well, they had one and it is...memorable. Of course, the characters were really Chiana and Rygel in D'Argo and John, respectively. Seeing D'Argo roll his eyes at John and give that wanting, almost panting, look was really quite touching. :)

Claudia, playing Aeryn with John in her, displayed a pretty good American accent. Pilot, with D'Argo in him, is very well done. Chiana, with Pilot in her, had the most eloquent lines in the episode referring to what he had seen in his life and the absence of friendship and love in it. Zhaan was kept busy with the bird people and her escape was a little hard to watch, but it was well done.

Overall, a wonderful episode that doesn't ask to be taken seriously to be enjoyed.



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