Aeryn is dying from a knife wound she received from the virus-infected Larraq. Her only hope is a tissue graft from a compatible Sebacean and there is only one place close enough to find one - the Gammak base Larraq was trying to reach. Ignoring the crew's reservations and all logic, John decides to impersonate Larraq and infiltrate the base to locate Aeryn's cure. To help with John's high-risk mission is Chiana. To this point in the season, Chiana has been a selfish, sneaky, and untrustworthy member of the crew. John is suspicious of her motives, but he needs the help and takes her along.

Using the ident chip China stole from Larraq, John and Chiana enter the base and are successful in fooling the Peacekeepers. The only reason they aren't discovered is through sheer luck - John's old flame, Gilina, sees him and overrides the security programs that surely would have discovered his true identity. She secures the cure and all seems well until John, leaving the base, comes across a previously unseen character named Scorpius.

Scorpius realizes John is an impostor and has him arrested. Thinking John is a spy, Scorpius places him in a devise called the Aurora chair. This chair pulls memories from its victim's mind and the process is not pleasant. John's memories of Moya give Scorpius reason to summon Crais to the base to retrieve his prey. However, before Crais is able to return, Scorpius pulls memories of wormholes, including previously unknown instructions of their creation, from John's mind.

Now, Scorpius is convinced John is at the base to spy on Peacekeeper worm hole technology. Determined to rip from his mind whatever information John has on the subject, Scorpius tortures John mercilessly. Crais, thinking John will simply be handed over to him, arrives at the base finding himself locked in a tug-of-war with Scorpius over the control of the suddenly valuable human.

Meanwhile, Aeryn is dying - her only hope for life is John, but Zhaan and D'Argo manage to attach her to Moya in an attempt to purify her body of the killing toxins. With John captured, it is up to Gilina and Chiana to get the medicine to Aeryn while they still have time.


Wow. This is an amazing story and all-around terrific episode. The character development in China is welcome - Gigi pulls off a stunning performance and her character proves critical to the story. We also get a double-dipper in the villain department. Crais returns to the base happy as can be with the capture of Crichton. However, his nemesis, and Crichton's torturer, is a new character named Scorpius. He is the "evil Spock-like" character we have been reading about for some time and brings a cold, intelligent and cunning evil element to the show.

As for Gilina, she is a delight yet again. Frankly, I always thought she made a better match for Crichton than Aeryn. There is a vulnerability in the woman that attracted John's attention in PKTG. They also seem to have more in common, such as an interest in science and technology. In this episode, she is the lifesaver for Aeryn and Chiana and is John's only real hope of survival. Must admit, I find Scorpius' assistant, Niem (PK Barbie) very intriguing - she could probe my mind any time she wants. :)

Overall, the best episode of the season so far. Also, I have found it an excellent episode to show the Farscape novice.



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Originally aired in the US January 7, 2000

Written by Richard Manning

Directed By Rowan Woods

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