A Bug's Life

Summary: The crew of Moya find themselves in a very tense situation when a Peacekeeper Prowler--filled with commandos--makes an emergency landing on their ship. Instead of blasting them, which may not even be an option, the crew must play a game of deception. Chrichton impersonates a Peacekeeper captain, Aeryn his first officer, Chiana a server, and the rest of the crew are prisoners. The game works for a while, but nefarious activities by Rygel and Chiana unleash a deadly and intelligent virus upon those aboard Moya.

Now all are in danger and must work together to stop the virus before it takes over their part of the galaxy. The problem is, nobody knows who is infected and time is running out.


Farscape turns dark with this intense and entertaining episode. The primary story is about the intelligent virus infecting various people on the ship. However, the more interesting story here involves the deception played on the Peacekeepers by Moya's crew. Seeing John walk into the room wearing the captain's uniform and talking with a fake Australian accent was quite a jolt for me. He wears the uniform well, but clearly isn't Peacekeeper material. Might add his accent seemed strange, but only Australians would know for sure if it sounded authentic.

The ending is great and clearly sets the audience up for a wild ride heading into the last four episodes. Which, in the US, required a wait of 14 weeks. :(



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Originally aired in the US September 17, 1999

Story By Doug Heyes, Jr.

Teleplay By Steven Rae

Director: Rowan Woods

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