A Human Reaction

Summary: Believing he had found a way home, John enters a wormhole and ends up back on Earth, specifically, Australia. Unfortunately, it isn't the happy reunion John had envisioned and he is drugged, examined, detained, distrusted and treated like an alien by the very humans he was trying to return to. With the help of his father, Jack Crichton, John is given some freedom. But, his nightmare only worsens when Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel show up and are captured.

Analysis: This is a great episode. What makes it great are not the effects or costumes, but what you have if they are stripped away - a great story. Ultimately, that is what science-fiction television is supposed to be and AHR delivers. This episode succeeds on the strength of Justin Monjo's gripping tale and the subtle, yet convincing performance of Ben Browder. It is amazing to me how much Ben has grown into the character of John Crichton over the course of the first season. One major question left open in this episode, at least in the US, is what happened between John and Aeryn the night they stayed together. The answer was edited from the Sci-Fi channel's version due to commercial requirements. Personally, I don't think they were playing cards and discussing politics. :) Perhaps we will find out next season...

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Originally aired in the US August 20, 1999

Written by Justin Monjo

Directed By Rowan Woods

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