Durka Returns


Emerging from starburst, Moya accidentally collides with another vessel. Bringing the damaged vessel on board, the crew find themselves faced with three alien guests. The first is Durka, Rygel's Peacekeeper tormentor from the Zelbinion. Thought long dead, Durka has been mentally cleansed by the powerful Nebari. The second alien is a Nebari official named Salis who is obsessed with conformity and control. The third alien brought on board is Chiana, a rebellious young Nebari prisoner scheduled for the same type of "cleansing" Durka experienced.

Rygel, not believing Durka is really a changed man, remains suspicious of his former tormentor and tries to kill him. Fortunately, Rygel isn't very good with bombs and misses Durka, but nearly kills Crichton instead. The explosion reverses the cleansing of Durka's mind and he returns to his old, nefarious ways by holding Rygel and Aeryn hostage and taking over the ship.

Of course, Moya is pregnant and in no condition to starburst - leaving Durka high and dry. Chiana, now escaped, must grudgingly unite with Crichton to stop Durka from killing Moya's baby and starbursting to freedom.


This wonderful episode features much action and character development- from Rygel, of all people. We also see the introduction of Moya's newest crew member, Chiana. She looks gray, but is actually white - according to an interview I read of Farscape's producers. She will definitely liven things up around the ship - the crew was getting a little too friendly and cooperative around there.

Overall, a fast paced and interesting episode featuring one of the season's best villains. The episode leaves open the possibility of Durka's return in a future episode - wouldn't mind seeing him back.


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Originally aired in the US August 13, 1999

Written by Grant McAloon

Directed By Tony Tilse

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