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Quick take: Obsessed with wormholes, Crichton must land on a desolate planet with hopes of repairing his module. Along for the adventure, reluctantly, is Aeryn. At the mercy of the only repair-person on the planet, Crichton and Aeryn must bide their time by dodging solar fares, carnivorous bounty hunters and assassins. Fed up with Crichton's selfish behavior, D'Argo lands on the planet with the intent of dragging the human back to Moya, with or without his module repaired.

Featuring some memorable aliens and important plot development, this episode is a solid outing for the crew. Crichton's confrontation with D'Argo, and the way he finally stands up to the Luxan, is one of the dramatic highlights of season one.




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Originally aired in the US July 9, 1999

Written by Doug Heyes, Jr.

Directed By Tony Tiles

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