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One thing is for sure - Moya's crew will never be confused with a troop of Boy Scouts or Star Trek officers. Coming across a ship in distress, the crew is must debate whether to assist or not. Once the occupants are discovered to be Ilanic, however, D'Argo decides a rescue is in order and the debate is over. It turns out Ilanics and Luxans are genetic cousins. Frankly, I don't see the resemblance.

Moya allows one Ilanic transport vessel to come aboard and it contains two passengers: Verell, the old scientist and Matala, his assistant. During the rescue, John accidentally touches a green light in their ship and is zapped by it. Momentarily disoriented, John seems no worse off and all seems well.

Very soon after the incident, John experiences brief future flashes of himself being raped by Matala. This isn't just a vision - John is actually there experiencing the event. Rather disturbed by the experience, John confides in D'Argo his vision. Of course, John is quite inept at describing the event and D'Argo interprets John's flash as a romantic dream. Soon, John experiences more flashes - one with Aeryn and another with Matala. The second flash involves finding Verell murdered. During the investigation, Matala kills John and D'Argo. Realizing these flashes are not his imagination, but visions of future events, John seeks assistance from the one crew mate who might understand what is going on - Zhaan.

Zhaan, perplexed by the human's strange tale, suggests to John that he try changing future events. It turns out John is one step ahead of her, but every time he tries to change the course of future events the result gets worse. Ultimately, John experiences a flash that concludes with the complete destruction of Moya and all aboard her. Realizing he must solve this problem with creative thinking, John abandons the idea of stopping Matala directly and attempt a high risk plan with Zhaan and Aeryn's help.


Perhaps I'm a sucker for time travel shows, but I like this episode. The viewer is treated to various versions of the future. However, they are woven into the story in such a way that it is hard to tell if the events are in real time or visions of the future. Just when it seems obvious what is happening, bam! The story goes in a different direction.

Should add that I find Matala a very interesting (sexy) villain. It is clear right from the start the little sexpot is up to no good and she does it very well! The scene featuring Aeryn and Matala's recreational combat is fun and reveals the mindset of both characters. We also learn that D'Argo's crime isn't the one he's been telling everyone about. The episode doesn't reveal what D'Argo did to deserve imprisonment, but it is enough to keep him from joining the Ilanic war.

Overall, this episode is a solid outing for the Farscape crew and lots of fun for the Farscape fan. Too bad Matala will not be back, I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the future.



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Originally aired in the US April 9, 1999

Writer Babs Greyhosky

Director Rowan Woods

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