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A Peacekeeper paddac beacon suddenly starts broadcasting Moya's location and the crew frantically tries to stop it. The devise is cleverly attached to Moya's neural nexus, which makes easy removal impossible. The ship lands in a swamp muffling the broadcast, but the device must still be removed before their location is discovered by the local population. Because the device is attached to a very sensitive part of Moya's nervous system, an anesthetic must be found or the surgery could kill her. John, D'Argo and Aeryn venture into the unknown world with the mission of finding the needed chemical. Separated from the others, John goes it alone on a planet filled with hostile aliens. Of course, in this case, John is the alien.

John befriends an understanding scientist and her son who try to help him. John, D'Argo and Aeryn are in danger of being captured by the local population and their military. Aware of Moya's landing and determined to capture the aliens, the military uses John's hide-out as their base of operations. Meanwhile, Moya is slowly dying from the planet's intense gravity and it's up to Zhaan and Rygel to keep her alive.


Farscape's second episode isn't exactly a barn-burner in the excitement category. However, this is a story of subtle expressions and experiences. The perplexed look on the crew's faces when John suggests the absurd idea of actually landing Moya on the planet; John's expression when he leaves Moya and is struck by the beauty of the new world; and Aeryn's reaction when D'Argo places his hand on her shoulder. Even Rygel works--against his instinct--to help Moya by performing the needed surgery. The aliens are a bit of a disappointment, I had hoped Farscape would showcase creatures that were a little less like ourselves. Perhaps in future episodes we will see more "alien" aliens.

I, ET is not a bad episode, but it isn't great either. Slow at times, the show never seems to find a rhythm and just meanders from one scene to the next.




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Originally aired in the US May 7,1999

Writer Sally Lapiduss

Director Pino Amenta

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Music video "Sail Away"

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